Juliette PLANQUE

Juliette PLANQUE

Number of works: 11

Lives and work in La Rochelle (France).

Engraver and author of artists books.

Study decorative arts in the schools Duperré as well as the photography at the school of Gobelins in Paris. Illustrator for the edition, Juliette discovers the engraving through the association Pour l' Estampe et l' Art Populaire in Paris. Sign in schools and district of Île-de-France, the line-engraving to the pupils.Expose to the Biennale de Ermont 2008, Biennale de l' Estampe de Saint-Maur 2009, Salon des Créateurs de l' Estampe in Paris, " Estampe dans la ville " collective exhibition with the association Graver Maintenant in Dreux 2013... Le Paralagui, texts are realized in screenprinting and the pictures in linocut.

11 works of Juliette PLANQUE